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October 10, 2006


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Wendy @ WMF

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is not gate that will keep boy twins contained. They will use their combined strength to rock it back and forth until they knock it over. . If this doesn't work they will fall back on their monkey like climbing skills to get over said gate. Unfortunately, I know this from experience.

Taking care of toddler twins is hard work. Cake frosting is definately a respectable way to get through the day. So is hiding in the pantry eating stale semi-sweet chocolate chips straight out of the bag.


LOL! You have a fabulous sense of humor! I think I would stock up on many, many varieties of frosting, leaning heavily on the chocolate/fudge/fudgy chocolate themes. ;)


Oh, I'm so sorry you had a day! They come with the force of a sledgehammer, and it's very very true that chocolate is one of the only remedies. So I'll third the suggestion to stock up on frosting!


Oh, that sounds like a doozy of a day. I don't think there would be any frosting left for that cake if it were me! Plus I would have eaten the cake batter, too. Straight outta the box.


So sorry about your bad day. I don't think I would cope as well as you do with two little babies tearing up the house. I can't keep up with my one little man. I hope things get better.

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