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September 09, 2011


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50 pounds!! I totally get it, on our trip I ate bread again and I'm bloated, I've but on so much around my waist. have been good since back and slowly losing some again. And I'm convinced it affects my mood.

Jennifer G. Miller

Congrats on the weight loss! What great will power! I could NOT go completely grain free. Going wheat, egg, and dairy free was really hard, but the weight did drop. But all I thought about was food! I was hungry.

I do love crepe myrtles. They keep their flowers for so long. They are technically a bush, but grow as tall as trees and virtually indestructible. Cutting them back severely just makes them grow more fully--we know from experience! We have two near our house and gutter and they annoy my husband to no end.


Congrats on the weight loss! We bought a new house this spring with topped crepe myrtles - ugh. Just doesn't look quite right. I tagged you in the homeschooling meme going about. Would love to hear your resources. http://everydaysnapshots.blogspot.com/2011/09/homeschooling-in-ten-but-i-only-see.html

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