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July 27, 2006


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Thank you SO much for doing this legwork! We come upon this problem every time we travel. And it just gets worse as they get bigger and need more space! I'll keep your tips in mind when we make our next travel plans. Thanks again!

Mary Ellen Barrett

I am glad you were able to finally find something reasonable. I spent about 3 days on this last summer.

Just as an FYI. Hampton Inn and Comfort Inn are more family friendly. I have had good experiences calling the individual hotel directly rather than use a 800 number. I have been able to book a two room suite at a Comfort Inn in Maine for around $100 just because the lady at the desk was sympathetic to a big family. Hampton Inn's are a little pricey but will do a communicating door between two rooms and for both places they have free full breakfast.

You will love Vermont, it's a wonderful place, so pretty and so much to do.


Amy --I'm glad I could help!

Mary Ellen -- thanks for the tip! A two room suite for $100 is incredible!!!

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