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August 12, 2006


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That is so wonderful! And very similar to how my Superboy began writing. He hated writing, but had such an imagination, and then one day it all just came spilling out! I just love that I was here to watch it happen!

Wendy @ WMF

I can rejoice with you. Your son sounds much like my 10 year old Katherine. She has dysgraphia so writing is a huge chore for her. She is an extremely creative and imaginative child which makes lacking the abilities to spell and write all the more frustrating for her.
We love AVKO Sequential Spelling. It hasn't been a magic bullet (we still have a few tears shed over spelling), but it has been a huge improvement over all the other spelling programs we have tried. And trust me, we have tried them all!

Hooray for Gareth!



Thanks for the tip on AVKO, Wendy; I really am hoping that it helps because his spelling is... well, let's just say it's quite creative, too! I think we got a little closer to the mark with Spelling Power last year, but its word lists mix up word families so much that it was confusing to him. So I ended up making up my own word lists, which was more work, especially with the two wee ones.

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