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September 30, 2006


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Oh my goodness. You are amazing! And the photo of you beautiful house with your beautiful babies is amazing.


What a crazy, beautiful life!
And I love the dinosaur! That is incredible!

Wendy @ WMF

Aside from poor Pip getting burned, it sounds like you had a gloriously crazy day!
My favorite part was the Alien Rainforest. I suspect your Gareth and my Katherine would get along famously.


Very full impressive day! And I LOVE your learning space. I want that floor! (and couch,and bins....; ))


Kim, the floors were a big draw when we were thinking about buying the house... but oh, how hard on them we have been!! The bins are from Wal-mart (I see now they have striped ones in the store, but I can't find them at all online.) And my husband wasn't too sure about the couch when we first brought it home, but it sure is a dose of needed color in the wintertime!!

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