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September 01, 2006


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I totally know where you're coming from. Personally, when my last one was born, I simply could not relax with my oldest (PDD-NOS) stimming around the room due to the lack of structure in our day. Yet, when I tried to teach him with the workbook approach it was slow going to say the least! I'm finally finding the confidence to simply teach what he needs to know and not be so dependent on the text. And to read the great books even when the narrations are sparse at best!

Glad to hear things are improving. :o)

Wendy @ WMF

I could have written much of this post myself. The only difference is my oldest has dysgraphia, and we didn't move. I was, however, on modified bedrest and depressed and wondering how on earth I was going to hs my growing brood.
I often find myself going through the curriculum shake down. During my last severe bout with depression/social phobia I ordered three grades of Sonlight thinking it would make my life easier. Not! At least we can use the books. It could have been worse...I could have ordered Bob Jones or Abeka. That would have been a total waste of money.
BTW-We are Charlotte Mason unschoolers with a dash of classical thrown in for good measure.
I so glad to hear things are going better for you guys!


Thanks :-). Also, I thought I was the only one who ordered that much Sonlight at once! LOL But we do use the books, you're right.

I'm really hoping that we can be more stable this year. At least if we're not moving and I'm not freaking out about whether or approach is "right" or not that should help Gareth remain calmer... and if Gareth is doing well, it's amazing how much better everything is. It's like a chain reaction: first me, then Gareth, then the whole family relaxes. I ought to put a sign on my forehead to help me remember.

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