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September 02, 2006


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It sounds great! I can't wait to see pictures once you are able to post them. Thanks for the review of the leap frog globe. I was considering getting one, but wasn't sure if it would get enough use to justify the price. Sounds like it may be a good purchase after all.


Oh my gracious, who needs pictures!! I'm printing this one out for reference and thanks for ALL the great links, what fun you will have in your learning spaces!! Thanks so much for sharing them!


Like Meredith said - who needs pictures, your post is so thorough and descriptive! (Though I'd love to see your pictures when you get them up!) Everything sounds wonderful! :)


It really does sound wonderful.

I can relate to the wanting to unpack everything to put it right where you wanted it but then reality strikes and boxes "explode" everywhere. We just moved in May so we are sort of going through that now. :s


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