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October 17, 2006


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I have had the very same experiences with my dd(5) and my grandson(3). I have learned so much from reading about Montessori methods, which can be applied to real life. I had no idea, before, that they would find this kind of work so satisfying!
Great idea about the veggie puffs, btw.


Great ideas! I've been amazed at what they can accomplish if we give them a chance. My little 4 year old can vacuum the floor, and mop with a real sqeeze out mop all by herself. And do a dang good job, too! The look on her face when she finishes is worth so much to me.

Rebecca B.

"Farmerboy requires his work to make a difference."

This is profound isn't it? That at such a young age they want their time to be spent doing important work. My children are not satisfied unless their work actually counts for something, actually helps. My daughter is highly offended when I forget and offer her something meaningless to do when she wants to help with the real thing.

BTW, my 3yo loves to swiffer also! I like that, on the basic swiffer, you can shorten the handle to the child's height.

Thank you for linking my posts. You are a dear!

Jenn Miller

That's a big pile of dishes he has to do! This is a great post. We're trying to do the practical life, too. Ds finds it so rewarding.


I have just discovered your blog, and I'm loving it. While I can't exactly relate to your experiences, being a nineteen year old girl with no prospect of having a family of my own in the near future, I enjoy reading your posts because of the family sense which is noticeable throughout them, which reminds me of my own family's atmosphere. Beside that, you are a breath of hope for young girls like me, who hope to found a family and dedicate themselves to it, in spite of it not being 'fashionable' !

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