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October 12, 2006


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Wendy @ WMF

Thank you for sharing this bittersweet story. My oldest is also 10, and she was born with the help of a vaccum extrator. I was also 24 when she was born.
Depression is a horrid, horrid thing. I'm sorry you struggle with it.
I think you are very brave to buck the system and follow your dream of having babies and writing stories. I wish I could have told you that 10 years ago.
Happy Birthday, Gareth!

Jenn Miller

I am just in tears. This is so beautiful. I have no words...


A Hall of Fame worthy post Angel! Happy birthday to Gareth and congrats to you on being an overcomer. Thank God for both of you (and the babies that followed) that you didn't let fear and darkness shut doors for you.


Ange, you write the truth of your life as beautifully as you write your fiction. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth Foss

Angel, do you know that lots of us have the same fear? And you have given a gift to us--you've articulated the fear, you've brought it out to the light of day, and you've worked through it. This is a beautiful, beautiful post and I know that it represents so much pain for you. Your pain blessed me today and it will continue to bless many moms from this day forward. Thank you!


This is one of the most beautiful blogposts I have ever read.

Thank you.


This is a very powerful piece of writing. Thanks for sharing.


This is a very special story and you have written it beautifully. I am in awe...I don't know what else to say.

Alice Gunther

I am stunned that I somehow missed this post the first time around, but grateful to the Carnival of Babies for bringing me here now.

I am so moved by this piece and will keep your dear mother in my prayers. She makes me think of St. Gianna Molla, and I feel that she is looking down upon your family and smiling with unspeakable joy at the beautiful miracles God has brought into this world through her.

May God bless her and all of you. I echo Kim's sentiments--this is a hall of fame worthy post.


Thank you for that beauitful post. I echo Elizabeth's sentiments. You have voiced a fear many mothers have.


Thank you for sharing this exceptional post. It is a beautiful witness to all, especially those who struggle with depression and fear.

Karen E.

I'm in tears. Like so many others, I'm speechless. What a beautiful and profound post. Thank you so much.


Your mother would be proud. And the part about just having them and enjoying them is so true. Happy Birthday Gareth.

Alice R

That was so beautiful and so deep. Wow. I am so touched that you shared your deepest emotions.

You have talent. Your mother would be so proud. She IS proud.

By the way, I'd love to hear more of your life story. I bet you have much wisdom to share with us.

Alice R

Rebecca B.

I somehow missed this post and am sitting here with my heart in my throat and tears in my eyes after reading it. You are certainly an inspiration to me, having addressed these deep fears and being brave enough to share them with us all. I am so grateful to have stopped by your blog tonight and read this post. Many blessings to you and your family.


I am in tears. Thank you for sharing.


Niama Perrotte

I like this part of the author's point.

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