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November 02, 2006


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Rebecca B.

Your kids are so cute I can hardly stand it! Look at how well they are working together in that photo of the register! Have you ever read the book called "The Wild Baby"? They remind me of the little boy in the book. They are just darling and obviously smart, too. Hang in there, Angela. :)


This is really cute. That little face in the laundry room is adorable. Maybe Their teamwork may be useful someday.


Oh, my goodness! That is great! What teamwork! I am impressed!


Just keep repeating to yourself how great these skills will be when they are older! :) Your boys are adorable!

Karen E.

They are too, too cute. These really made me smile.


Oh, they're cute, but good luck!! My one 14 mo. old is destruction personified, so I can't even imagine what you're up against. Thank heavens for gates!


These photos are PRECIOUS!


Hillarious!! Great insight into my life in a year from now.

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