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November 11, 2006


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Your home sounds alot like mine. I think I may do one of these "reality check" posts myself. But I hate to scare people away!LOL!


Thanks for the smiles! It is all about balance isn't it? I want to share our good ideas and our successes - does anyone want the recipe for the worst cookies ever? No, so I won't post about it. But my husband said that I look much more together on my blog than I really am. Thank hon! :) That's always nice to hear.


farmerboy sounds like what my little 3 yr old boy will be like one day soon... I love the glimpses into other people's chaos, it definately lets me know i'm not alone. keep it up!!!


I really like seeing your real life. While I love some of the other blogs that show only good things (I need the inspiration)...I can really feel a cameraderie with someone else I know has been through the ringer lately, for example! :)


I have to agree with Amy in the comment above. Inspiration is a very good reason to read and share ideas in a blog. But I agree with you I need the pictures of chaos to know I am not alone. Blogging helps me me in so many ways. Your blog is wonderful. I love all the book suggestions and links.

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