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November 13, 2006


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Lovely post, Angela.

Thanks for the reminder.


A very nice post Angela! I know exactly what you mean as we are often the "fish out of water" when we move to a new place. Since a move next year is likely, I'm hoping it will be closer to friends and family this time.

You're absolutely right. Those small gestures of hospitality do mean so much, don't they.


What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing.



What an beautiful post:) You've encouraged me to reach out to others.I pray that you will settle in more now you have found a Catholic hs group:)



What a beautiful post, you have inspired me to reach out to somebody extra this Christmas.
I pray that you settle in more now you have found a Catholic homeschool group:)


If you tire of NY come to Georgia. Southern hospitality is infamous. Of course I am not a native southerner so I need all the wonderful suggestions you gave! They were great and so true.


What a delightful blog! When our twins were small there was no such thing as blogs, but your little guys pictures of getting into things are almost identical to our pictures. Yes, they do work as a team.
Even at 20 years old they are still a duo, though they wouldn't want to admit it!
We had a 3 and 2 year old when they were born. (Their arrival was a complete surprise. Those were the days before routine ultrasounds and they were like nested spoons in utero so the doctor never picked up two heartbeats.)
When our twins were 18 months we had another baby~
Those were such busy, hairpulling years!
All in all we have ten children, but the later 5 were more spread out :) Our youngest is 5 years old now.
Each are a wonderful blessing, but having twins was an extra bonus~
Thanks for the memories!

And yes, we have been the recipients of warm hospitality over the years. I still remember having a really bad day when the first 5 were small and crying heavenward, when my neighbor knocked at the door saying how much she would enjoy making dinner for us. What a blessing she was to me:)

And the people who said kind things to me as I paraded through the store with my zoo of little ones.

Hospitality~ even in the form of a smile ~is a great blessing to all who are at the receiving end.

Alice Gunther

How important this is. It makes me think of Little Women.

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