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January 13, 2007


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Angel why is your blog leaning to the left this morning? Or is it just my clogged ear making me way more dizzy than I suspected? ; D I am forever in your debt for that badgemagic.com site!!! No more bloody fingers! What a relief. I am ordering pronto.

Enjoy your machine! I can't do anything fancy and am totally self taught but that machine opens up a whole new world. Alannah has been practicing sewing on lined paper to hone her directional skills fwiw. childrens mazes from puzzle bks are good too.


Ok I take that back. Now that I reloaded your site the comment the screen came up ok again. I think I need to go back to bed...



I can totally relate to your angst, here!

Congrats on conquering your fear and making progress!

Wendy @ WMF

You go girl! Sewing is fun.
You should get the book Stitches & Pins by JoAnn and Corrie Gagnon. I've been using it to teach my girls to sew. It teaches everything from how the machine works to how to sew from a pattern. I think the first project is for a pillow case. The book is aimed at kids, but I think it makes a good sewing primer for any beginner.


Threading was my biggest fear too. That's why I never could do anything without my mom - I couldn't thread the machine. Have fun!


I wanted to thank you for the idea of hanging tomatoes. Ours went for seven weeks after we uprooted them and hung them in the garage. My dh thought I was crazy. He was from a farming family and had never done that. It was TERRIFIC!


Oooh! I like Kim's idea of sewing mazes!


I love this post. I'm writing about overcoming my smp (sewing machine phobia) today and found you.

I'm linking to your story because it's so wonderful.


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