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January 17, 2007


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You are hilarious!!! I love #3 : )


urgh! I know what you mean about the noses... we are finally finished another round of that here. Hope you are feeling ok yourself. Still sending prayers up for you :-)


Yup, to #7. I only have one boy and luckily his two older sisters temper his - adventures? - somewhat. I still cringe when I see him with his sister's baby doll as the robotic T-rex can't be far away and there is something wrong about any scenario with those two characters involved. I have made baby dolls off limits. Re #3 - my theory is that motherhood - from start to finish is largely about bodyfluids :-)


Too funny and for what it is worth my two little sisters would play the same way, especially with horses and big cats like lions and tigers. They'd leave them hidden under chairs and such and if you went to move the carnage they'd get so upset. That was a cave or a den and they were eating...uggh!
Oh, and #6? Totally.


All of that - I feel a little weepy at the thought of taking that many children to the doctor. And the boy thing? What is with that??? My two year old, who has never seen a gun, took the handle to my cookie press and started pointing it at people, lunging, and making scary faces. Is it on the Y chromosome?


In my early mom/pacifist days I disallowed all weapon toys. We read lovely stories about peaceful children. We sang songs about 'the more we get together'. They shot each other across the breakfast table with toast they nibbled into gun shapes. ; ) Boys.


LOL! Boys are so, so creative in their abilities to turn innocent fun into a bloodbath!LOL!

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