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January 03, 2007


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Thanks for the book list -- it looks really good. We are getting a bit of snow here in the California mountains today; hope your part of the country is next!


And I have plenty of the real thing I would love to send you!! Looks like a fantastic study.


Oh-I so agree with you. I have so many winter books to read and no snow. My daughter was so excited about the Winter Solstice and the beginning of the Winter season but keeps asking about the snow. If you ask her what season it is she will say emphaticaaly Autumn. For the record, I don't like snow. I relish each day over 40 degrees!


If you are looking for books about the people of the arctic, here are two we loved. They go together perfectly - one more nonfiction and the other a living book about two Inuit boys.
Ice Drift by Theodore Taylor (fiction)
The Igloo (Sandpiper Books) by Charlotte Yue, David Yue

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