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February 14, 2007


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Angela, good luck with the storm, we have a lame 1 inch on the ground and a lot of hail falling here in NYC, not enough to keep dad home from work :).

I remember your post about observing other families, and I just came across the LEAH NY website, which offers a video of three homeschooling families:


I have not seen it, but am thinking of ordering it. By the way, do you use this group at all? I have just found it.

Jenn Miller

I'm a weather geek, too! I just love reading and listening to NOAA and the Weather Channel. We keep talking about a Weather Station at home...with the idea that my son would learn so much, but honestly, it would be mostly for MY pleasure. ;-) Enjoy your snow. We got gypped and only got sleet.

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