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February 15, 2007


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It's just like The Long Winter - that is amazing. I have never seen that much snow. Wow.


Wowie! I'm glad we didn't get that much. We had mostly freezing rain over here.


fun!! I'd love to go out and play in that :-) When I was a kid, we lived in Denver and we would get big dumps of snow like that in the spring and it was so much fun to play in.

Hope you are all doing well over there!


Whoa...We might not find you till spring :-)

Theresa ♥

Wow! All that snow! Pass it on over to Minnesota!!! *smile*

The kids and I enjoyed your snow pictures. Thank you for sharing them.


What beautiful pictures!

Dana Leeds

Wow! That's beautiful!!! I've never seen snow like that. I grew up in KS & OK & now live far south in Texas. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos!

Lola's Mom

Wow...so much snow! That is amazing!

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