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March 30, 2007


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Paula in MN

I have to print this out and check off each item as I try to follow your lead!


I *love* that China cabinet. :) We are in the market for one, and that is exactly the look I'm going for.


Great post. So true. I love the idea of starting seedlings in the cabinet though :-) I bet it would make a wonderful potting bench too . . . OH, that doesn't help you does it:-) I find it hard to let the kids do the cleaning and then not re-do, re-fold and re-wipe. Balancing having it done and having it done Mom-right is difficult. You and Elizabeth have inspired me to get cleaning once I clean up the breakfast crumbs. Have a happy day!


I love the "china" cabinet as well. It is so good that you and your husband have grown together and developed chore routines. I used to do everything and still do but since becoming parents I am not as resistant to asking for help. I just feel bad that dh is at work all day. I should have time to do everything and parent one lone child. I will probably ask for more help as our family grows.

I like your list about children's chores. My dd3 folds the dish towels. Not at all like I want them folded but I try and let the odd folding remind me of how sweet she is and that she is learning.

Take heart, you are doing so much with five beautful children. Messes drive me crazy but I would rather have messess and lots of love and fun.


I love that cabinet. Is it oak? It looks just like my new bedroom furniture in style.


great post. i want to work on doing fewer things that my dc can do, all by myself. your new cabinet is beautiful and the walls look great.


Yes, that is a beautiful cabinet! I love your evolving attitude toward housework. I need to learn from you. :-)



Theresa, yes, it's oak. I went and looked for the manufacturer, but I couldn't find it! I'll have to look again harder.

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