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March 15, 2007


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Mom of 3

You sold me on them! I wanted a wooden high chair for baby number three because of the disgusting food-trapped-in-cushion issue (and they look nicer). But since I live in the boonies and have only a Walmart, I had to settle for the icky plastic kind again. She's now 14 months so we will still need it for some time, therefore I think I will order one like yours. Plus I like that it can pull up to the table! Thanks for the tip!


Fantastic! I'm sold!

Allan Wright

Great site -I've enjoyed reading and will be back. "Thinking with the Church" Peace, Allan


Paula in MN

Those chairs are a great idea. I used an old (and I mean old) wooden high chair for my kids, and I did take off the tray so I could slide it up to the table. Once they out grew it, I still had to buy more chairs! And now the high chair sits on the deck with a pot of flowers on it! Hey, when you get a chance check out my blog -- I tagged you for a long MEME!


Thank you for answering the question. I am sold as well. We need a new chair for baby #2. The first plastic one was not quite disgusting but it was dirty like you describe.

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