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April 18, 2007


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Margaret in Minnesota

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful idea for a carnival! I am so looking forward to reading these, and thank you, Angel, for hosting!

Karen E.

I'm looking forward to all these great links, Angela. Thank you!


Great job, Angela! I'm off to read and be joyful! :)


Angela, Here is a link to a late - but joyful post on cooking. Could you add it in? http://marjorielettres.typepad.com/lettres/2007/04/the_joy_of_cook.html


Angela, this is beautiful! I wrote a "joy" post this morning:


Sorry so late - I will try to be on time next week! :)


Marjorie and Dawn -- you're added! :-) (I've been out all day, so I apologize for it taking me a little while to get to it!)


Yikes, I forgot!!

here's my contribution angela, and i"ll be back soon to read all of the others :-)


Melanie -- added it; thanks! (I'm glad you could take advantage of that 30 minutes, too! :-)

Jenn Miller

Thanks so much Angela for putting this together. I look forward to all the posts into the weeks to come.

Elizabeth H

Great carnival. Thanks so much for hosting!

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