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April 30, 2007


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Angela, I LOVE this post! I could have written it myself...and if I had a nickle for every time I moaned to my husband about needing more time to plan...

In all reality, I've spent very little time this year planning. I just have had to do it on the go, scratching a few notes here and there, and just generally keeping things very simple. Planning the way I envision it requires chunks of uninterrupted time, which I almost never have unless its late at night, and I am too tired to do anything requiring brain power.

Anyway,guess what? Our dishwasher broke this weekend too! And we are headed to Lowe's, a 50 minute drive away, to buy a new one...with our two carts and two door-slamming, bathtub-diving toddlers. What kind did you purchase??

God bless!


I'm sorry your plans got messed up, but congrats on a new oven and dishwasher! I hope they all work well for you. :)


I found this post very interesting. I like to here about other people trying to do projects and shop with little children. When we built our house last year we did a lot of this. I remember leaving Bob with the dc in the car while I picked out dining room furniture. I drew him a map of the store saying here's the style I like, go to this here for the size, etc. Then I'd stayed with the dc. When it came to the appliances I let him go alone. I knew it was going to take too long. We are currently trying to build a huge swingset. Things always take longer than they take.


Shawna, we ended up with a Maytag 200 series... I think it holds 14 place settings? There was a bigger Whirlpool, but it didn't have an energy star rating. Actually, I found it odd that more of the dishwashers *didn't* have energy star ratings.

I kinda find myself wishing (a little) that we had opted for one of the fancy models with the buttons hidden on the very top of the door instead of out on the front like most dishwashers... those buttons are just irresistible to little people.


ARgh I can't believe they didn't unhook and haul off the old ones. : P Guess I have bought very few new appliance myself! They did take our washer/dryer though thankfully because I was here alone when they came.


So has the zebra revealed his true powers yet ? I love the description of family life out in the world. Sounds just like our family :-) I would have loved to hear the story of the dinner at pizza hut. for us, going out for dinner is somewhat of a scary thing with so many LITTLES around!

p.s. hope your pregnancy is going well and you aren't too too tired.

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