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September 26, 2007


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I'm tired just reading your entry! I'm glad you were able to keep it together and finish strong! It will get easier.


phew! Sounds like my days, plus one!! I hear you on the fighting with the older ones.. what sort of punishment do you give out for that??

You are doing great angela, keep on moving through each day. Thanks for the peek into your day :-)


That's pretty good with a baby in tow ;)


WOW!! A stellar day indeed! I hope you are feeling better and that no one else gets sick, especially that sweet little chipmunk! Here's to a new year and new learning :) Blessings!


Melanie -- I thought you might be able to relate. :-) As far as punishments go, I usually try to keep to natural consequences, but sometimes (as in this case) computer priveleges are removed... or the offenders will have to do extra chores for the other person... or they have to do something else nice for the offendee... approved by me, of course. I guess technically that's not punishment, but I'd rather teach empathy in most cases.


Wow! So much going on. I love love love entries like this where you get to see what happens moment by moment. I should try to make a blog entry like that sometime. I used to do it at least once a week.

Anyway, it sounds like you're really trying hard. It's encouraging reading about it. I have 2 kids and hope to have more :) it's nice to see what I'm in for...of course scary too!


Oh angela, those are great ideas... My two oldest are fighting all the time now and they _drive_me_crazy_!!! I will have to try out the chores for the other person idea.

Hope the rest of your week was increasingly productive. We have up days and down days around here, and they usually correlate to how much sleep mom got the night before and whether or not I get dressed before I go downstairs.


Wow. That made me tired just reading it. How do you keep that up every day? (Asked in a very respectful manner - I want to have a big family.)

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