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September 26, 2007


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OOOOH! Thank you, Angel! This sounds like a late b-day present for Caddie. We have swarms of Carolina Chickadees. I wonder if you could do it holding suet? We have a downy woodpecker that has been coming to our side deck suet since he was a fledgling. I think it is his only food source. Neat book.


Congratulations, Katydid!! Bookworm SO hopes to handfeed a chickadee! (Me too!) I will have to pick up a copy of that book - sounds like it did the trick! :)


Marjorie -- Katydid says that the author of the book did indeed handfeed downy woodpeckers by holding suet. But she said it took him a longer time because downy woodpeckers are supposedly shy. Our downies will eat at a feeder about 10 feet away from us while we're outside, but if we move any closer they fly away. Maybe after it gets cold it will be easier!

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