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October 12, 2007


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Aw shucks, you made ME smile!!! I'm so glad to be part of your oasis :) Your unending steadfastness with your dear children always inspires me too, have fun with the G's in town :) Happy weekend!!


This is a very nice--very *real*--reflection.

I think most families are "far more adept at creating general chaos"--or, at least, let's just say I console myself with that thought!

When the going gets particularly tough--and believe me, there are days!--it's hard for me to keep my perspective. God gave me these kids, with the personalities and needs they each have, for a reason--I tell myself it's because He thought we were a good match (and most of the time, I can see that we really are!)...but there are definitely times I wonder why He didn't give them the benefit of someone more like dear Dawn or Meredith!! :)

Anyway, you remind me that the idea is to drink from the peacefulness well--without allowing myself to indulge in feeling inadequate in the process--and get back to the business of loving and serving my family the best way I know how.

Nice post. Wonderful links. Thank you!


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