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October 24, 2007


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Oh my goodness is he the cutest little chipmink I've ever seen of what!!! So adorable, spit-up and all :) Blessings to you all!


He is SO CUTE!!


He is REALLY cute!


He's just squeezable and eatable!! You must be loving every minute of him.


He us beautiful!! Chipmunk is certainly the right name for him.LOL

Traci Boord

Adorable!! Then again, they are all adorable...and ALL look exactly alike!!!
Love the webpage!! Still unsure how you get it all done.

Aunt Traci


Hey, pregnancy buddy!! I stopped in for a quick visit after continuing craziness with all of Lily's stuff...and saw your precious guy...thanks for posting, hope all is well, you sound good in your posts...keeping the humor going, sister, it is what keeps us sane!! (or maybe less insane)

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