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October 08, 2007


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I've been thinking about this alot, do we need to have a chaotic Monday to ensure that we get back into rhythm for the rest of the week? or would Elizabeth's rhythm work?


We tend to have a pretty easy Monday around here. If not, our day is almost identical to yours!LOL!:)


Do I need to expect less from a Monday?
Or maybe expect MORE from the weekend? LOL

I have been wondering about this very thing the last couple weeks and I'm wondering how I can make Monday a thing to breathlessly anticipated? So far the only idea I had is to not feed them all weekend and then the promise of gruel on Monday morning will get them leaping out of bed...


Angel, you always seem to express things so perfectly - and with great wit. Thank you, thank you! I have finally decided that Mondays are just hard. Hard on me, hard on them, plain hard. How to make them easier? Expect them to behave like Mondays. We don't get mad at December for not being the best 'hit the books' school month. We don't get mad at babies for failing to clean up their cribs. Why do we expect Mondays to well organized - ok, organized at all :-) Weekends are like a mini summer break and kids prefer vacation to times tables. Weekends mean late nites and too much sugar. Monday is the natural result. I have come to accept Monday with its grumbling slowness, Scarlett bursting into tears 3x before 10 am, Caddie walking on the deck rail like a balance beam chasing a lizard instead of coming in to start the afternoon. Its Ok, its Monday. I'm not at my best either :-)


Yes, Mondays pretty much stink. We keep it very low key on mondays here. I find us needing that transition day and things are going much more smoothly since I've realized this and quit fighting it.


It's a comfort to know we aren't alone in this Monday madness. :-) Until the end of this month, our weekends will be very hectic, then they will go to being only kind of hectic. And it is soooo tempting to just throw my hands up and quit and curl up into a ball somewhere, but that usually results in even more whining and fighting and grumbling (that's my part).

We've since adopted a more relaxed Monday rhythm, and that helps a little bit. The latest thing is that the 3 youngest INSIST on doing "work" at the same time as the 3 oldest kids, and I usually don't have anything ready for them on a Monday. Yesterday, it dawned on me, that this desire for work lasts for around 20 minutes, and then they are off doing something else. So, now I just need to prepare for this (with worksheets or workbooks), get them going earlier than when I would like the older kids to start, and HOPE that things run more smoothly.

And I KNOW this will all change once the baby comes. More power to you for not just curling up into a ball! ;-)


Thanks, now I have that song running through my head! LOL

It sounds like you could have been describing my house on Mondays, except that mine aren't old enough to homeschool.

I have found that my twins are exponentially more destructive and get into stuff more than just one toddler. Are yours? Mine run around talking to each other in a language I can't understand and get into things faster than anything. And always when it it is time to nurse the baby!

I don't have any answers for Mondays, except maybe just endure and offer it up. That should be worth a lot!

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