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October 18, 2007


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You are amazing! I can't believe how much you are accomplishing with a tiny newborn around!


Looks like you are getting into a good swing. I am noticing that after a baby is born, it might help to look at what we have accomplished in a week rather than in a day, it is great to see that you are sneaking in a lot of learning in between feedings and diaper changes!

We are finally able to have works out on shelves again as the twins have stopped actually destroying the materials, but they never put anything back in the same place, so sometimes at the end of choice time I have to take 15 minutes to totally re-shelve.

I am so impressed by the kids drawings and labelling, and Pumpkin Moonshine has been one of our favorites, too.

By the way, are all of those pumpkins from your own crop? Conrats on that, then, too, you all seem to be getting the hang of the farm life!


Wow!! What a super week and that artwork, seriously, I'm thinking Art school for sure :) Lovely times your having, give that little chipmunk a squeeze :)


I do like you idea of reading the picture books at breakfast:-) That's an idea that sounds worth trying:-)


I love the kids artwork. It is wonderful!

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