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November 29, 2007


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As your cybertwin, you know I understand! You say you know not everything should be easy, but on days like this (and lately, every day seems like this!) I would just like *something* to be easy, YKWIM? Still, it could be worse, I know. I'm just a big wimp, I guess. HUGS to you on this challenging day.


Oh Honey, take a hot bath with the door locked!!! I have had SO many of these days, I can't count them anymore, and I have less children than you. Praying and lighting a candle for you...Hugs too!


We had a rough day here too, thanks for sharing yours! That is so true about homeschool moms having to put up a false front. I hope tomorrow is easier...


Great post, Angela. Of course, I can relate to it.


This post literally brought tears to my eyes! THANK GOD there is someone out there who understands! I had a day yesterday that brought me to my knees (like so many others) but there is SO much pressure to put on that happy face. A lot of good things happened, too, so that is what I blogged about. I figure no one wants to hear about the 2yo screeching for 2 hours,the puzzle pieces, blocks, and train tracks scattered all over 3 rooms, and the broken nativity scene figures I found shoved under the couch. Some days I think to myself, if people only knew the reality of it all they would never visit LaPaz again!But you make SUCH a good point that life is not supposed to be easy. Why do we always have the expectation that it will be or should be? It just puts the pressure on and creates such guilt when we realize that sometimes we can't MAKE it easy no matter how hard we try.And yet we still keep trying, as that is the task God has set before us.
Thank you, Angela. You did my heart and soul good today.

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