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January 01, 2008


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My 12 year old daughter read Fast Food Nation. Because of her we no longer eat fast food. I started Animal Vegetable Miracle last year, but I never finished it, for some reason. It is on my triple 8 challenge for this year.
One of my goals this year is to grow more than just a few tomato plants, and to shop at our local farmers market.
I think many of us use our large families as an excuse not to garden, but in actuality we give it up because it is just plain hard work. That's my story, anyway.


Wonderful!!!I will be cheering you on!
I have always gardened, but I had to go without last year and it just killed me. I really need that connection to the earth and seasons that you get no other way than by digging in and feeling the soil in your hands and literally tasting the fruit of your labor.It looks like this year will be garden-less as well since we are moving early summer. But from then on, if I can help it I will never be without a garden again!


I've been meaning to link to you for some time now, must get on that soon. I really love your thinking. I breathe deep sighs of relief when I visit sites of families like yours where mindfulness around food, living, education are prominent keys to a good life. This post could have been MY first post of the year (you'll laugh to see my last post is a big hunk of meat at the top -- please overlook that if you visit ;), seriously, what you've written of here has been taking over my thoughts for the last while. I don't have much support in this area, unlike you, my family (immediate and extended) don't get the urgency of these matters. They're happy as to just keep going on how things are, not needing to analyze or change a thing. It's frustrating and lonesome, but not discouraging. Especially when there are so many thinking like you and I that I can connect with online and in my community, often. Thank you for this. You are a fantastic mama and I look forward to reading all about your garden this year. I, too, will be once again keeping our garden a center stage in our life this year.



Beautifully said Angela, Happy New Uear to your adorable family and happy gardening :) Love,

mary alice

Angela, I love this! Make your garden planner, and post it, so that those of us with small backyards can learn along with you -- I am still amazed at your pumpkin crop! I can't wait to see what is going to come of this focus to your year, and you are right, it is not extra, it is central, so much of your learning can happen around it. I was just thinking of trying a container garden on our small patio -- do what you can, right? Good luck!

PS, I moved my blog, now you can find me at sevenandtheburbsDOTblogspot

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