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April 19, 2008


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I took our son to a developmental opthamologist too. He didn't end up having any vision issues, but I wanted to make sure before we did his IEP, etc. I was so impressed at the thoroughness of the evaluation! The fact that my boy couldn't read or identify letters and numbers didn't hinder him at all.

They even did a test for dyslexia, and another one with 3D glasses to measure his depth perception!


I took my oldest to a pediatric opthamologist and was told his eyes were fine. I'm not sure he looked at everything. He has trouble keeping his reading and I think it's a bit vision related. Thank you for this!!


Hooray! I sure wish I could have gone to an eye dr like that. I breezed through my 'kid' eye exams so it wasn't until I was 18 that they discovered I had serious depth perception problems. What? You can actually tell where something is in space! No wonder I was so TERRIBLE at sports. I never understood how anyone could tell where the ball was even when I could see it plainly. It just didn't make sense. Your little guy must be in heaven.

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