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April 18, 2008


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My "baby" is almost 2 and she still has to sleep with her head on my pillow--I don't know how she can even tell when she is sound asleep and I try to gently gain a little more pillow for myself!




Call me crazy, but studies show that DHA and other essential amino acids promote calmness in children. I noticed a difference between my 2 kids; the first one I took no DHA supplement and she was a HORRIBLE sleeper. My second sleeps like a dream! Some prenatal vitamins have it, or even taking flax oil will help!


Glad you're having fun with the photos! I'm so enjoying everyone's postings, amazing how spring is (or is NOT) progressing around the world. :)


Oh, I am right there with you. Our little 11 month old has been a terrible sleeper pretty much since he was born. He will sleep through the night about once a month. Those are like little treasures when that happens! Usually he gets up wanting to nurse every 1-2 hours. Ouch. At least mine will nap at least an hour in the afternoon. It is a good thing babies are so darn cute!

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