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May 01, 2008


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Cool frog and lovely pictures. Must have been a great day! We are heaving into amphibians and ponds right now, enjoy!!

mrs darling

What a lovely day and what beautful pics. Your son is adorable.


Our Hawk Watch program is always the coolest trip of the year! We're at the funnel part of the migration being in the middle of the ocean so we see TONS of birds. Cool factoid - the warbler migration comes through milliseconds before the hawks as the hawks love to munch on the warblers and the warblers flee before the hawks all the way to their destination. We get so many pretty warblers here, though our favorite is the Palm Warbler. They bob their tail like Jenny Wrens do - so cute!


What gorgeous countryside! We drove up to Asheville last weekend and went to the Arboretum there. A real treat. Caddie and Katydid must be related :-) No frogs, but all three kids got in the creek and were sopping the rest of the afternoon.

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