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May 15, 2008


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Or a corn snake? Is it alive or dead?

I think I would find that startling, too.


You did NOT find that on your floor!@! :0

I consider myself a nature lover, but only when it I visit nature, not when it visits me.


Oh my...I am freaked out just looking at the photo. Snakes are one of God's creatures I have NOT learned to appreciate. I cannot even think about it being in your bedroom.


oh my goodness... how did you get it in that bin?


Pretty sure that's a milk snake - a large one lives right outside my door (I live in semi-rural Illinois). A baby milk snake once wiggled his way up from our dirt-floored cellar through the floor boards into the family room. My father thought it was a scrap of ribbon until he tried to pick it up. You don't know me, but I enjoy occasionally read your blog - I'm a home school graduate myself, now finishing off my last few weeks before college graduation.


LOL!! Echoing Rebecca and Cheryl's sentiments!! :O


All I can say is....eeeeewwwwwwww!

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