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June 20, 2008


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I've always found the ideas of file crates too overwhelming, being a visual person I can't quite get it but you've made me think a little more. Can you explain two things? 1: What are you putting in the files for the week? 2: Why does a file crate work better than a filing cabinet?

Please only attempt to answer if Chipmunk allows.Thank you.


Your co-sleeper and my co-sleeper have a lot in common!! ;)

Good luck with all the organizing! It's always inspiring to read organizational posts!


That's a neat weekly organizer from Pottery Barn Kids. Maybe in my dream house!

Enjoy your search for river deltas. ;-)


I set up my file crate with the same color folders as you. What are the odds? This is my first year with it. I have four seasonal folders to hold general ideas and one folder for each week filed behind them by season. I guess I need some kind of inbox-type folder for completed work. I'm toying with the idea of moving my subject folders out of the file cabinet and into my crate. Why does that seem like such a big commitment?

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