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July 29, 2008


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Oh my goodness. Your Walmart adventure had me cracking up!

Well-Mannered Frivolity

I can commiserate with your Walmart trip. I sometimes feel like a traveling freak show.

Your garden pic have me green with envy. I have a rather brown thumb. I was proud of myself for growing some sunflowers this year. I guess it's a start. :)


mrs darling

Oh I loved the tour of your garden. What a lovely poetic tangled mess! Lol Theres just something about a garden that speaks of beauty at its finest. All the plants tumbled together like that just speaks of natures bounty.

Could that bug be a Japenese beetle? Do you consider using a bug killer or do you try to go organic?


I love love love ur blog! Its sooo wonderful! I will definatley be back to check it out more often. im not even quite sure where I found it! LOL. Go ahead and check mine out if u want...this is my first yr!


I would love to see what you have your grape plants growing on. I bought 2 year grown plants and they are really starting to grow and we need to get something up but I haven't decided exactly what I want. Could you share what you have yours on?


Mrs. Darling -- We're organic. :-) We have used neem -- organic bug spray -- in the past, but even that kills good bugs as well as bad bugs. We do have Japanese beetles, too -- they're kind of bronzey-green. I really need to stop being lazy and hunt up some of my bug guides! LOL



We are in the *process* of building a fence for the grapes. (I say "we" but really I mean my husband). We used some extra wooden fence posts that we had from putting in a fenced yard for the toddlers. I believe Andy is going to string wire for the grapes to grow on. I'll take a picture and post it when it's done. :-)


Thanks! I will be watching for the pictures!
Your grapes look so pretty! When you post more pics, I would love to know how old your grape plants are.

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