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July 16, 2008


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Wow! Those are cool and very helpful to me as I learn about all this planning. Love the colored sharpies! I may have to put mine to good use as well.


Love your planning rainbow :)


This post is awesome! I'm going to try this. We do "traditional Catholic Classical Masontorri" around here, and I have trouble remembering which parts of which philosophies I really want to emphasize. I don't know much about Waldorf, but I think I will have to learn as a large part of our "Catholic" comes from books like "Catholic Traditions in Crafts", etc.

It's interesting that you rely so heavily on Montessori math - I'm the opposite! I find the stamp game, golden beads, bank game, etc. so intimidating that we do Montessori for the youngers, for catechesis, for science but NOT for math!

I'd love to hear what math looks like in your house.


I need to get some planning done myself. My twins officially start kindergarten this year. I'll have 5 students ranging from K-7th grade. Ack! What have I gotten myself into?


Great planning ideas!

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