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August 15, 2008


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I love reading your blog! Your family is beautiful!


My dd #3 was the "eat bugs/paper/lint but not food" kid here. All I can say is she's five now, and she eats real food, and not bugs. :)

Laura Blum

LOVE the pictures!
You really have your hands full!
They look fun and rascally too-
Great site!
Just wanted to say Hi


My son's OT has him do heavy work such as you described and it works wonders for his focus. I think a lot of boys in general need this and my autistic son REALLY needs this. Some of the things she has recommended are carrying around a heavy backpack, putting heavy things a bit high (having to lift your arms but not necessarily above your head), carrying anything heavy from one box to another one across the room.

I love the pictures of the cleaning going on.

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