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September 20, 2008


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Hi Angela
we also took a summer vacation
sept 14=19
up at Schroon Lake
& travelled to Placid &
Loved the King's Garden
God bless


O.k. This looks like a lot of fun!!! We brought our family to this Fort 5 years ago. I'll never forget because i was carrying our youngest in a baby sling.
You've inspired me to take the kids again. We are only an hour and a half from there! Keeping you all in my prayers!

Grandpa Bob

Grandma Carol checks your blog daily and told me you posted some pictures just for me. I really like them. I have read so much about Fort Toconderoga over the years that I have been determined to see it. Your photos convince me. We already have 8 good reasons to come visit, so the fort is just one more good reason. See you sometime soon.

Grandpa Bob


Ok - I'm not Grandpa Bob, but I loved the pics! Every time I see sunflower houses like that I let out a long sigh and convince myself that surely this year will be the year that I can convince the hard clay to give up pretty sunflower houses like the ones you saw...but, I don't really believe it will ever happen. I've failed every time I've tried.

Anyway, I've enjoyed living vicariously through your family and the neat field trips you guys have been enjoying!

Julie Carney

Wow. Trips like these are always great learning experiences. Thanks for the post and pictures.

By the way, I recently started a blog with the NIFB Young Entrepreneur Foundation. Stop by and leave some feedback if you get a chance.



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