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September 16, 2008


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Mrs darling

What a cool place to foster learning! Who wouldnt love a place like that! sigh


Wow - now I have to go to confession, LOL, that room has me all green with envy! :) Seriously, that room, that "look" is my DREAM house.

We noticed the same thing about people on our vacation - mostly older people (I think the place we went is that state's place to retire!) a few families with very young children, and the random family or two that I almost ran up to and bowled over screaming, "are you homeschoolers too!!!" (but of course really just sat there wishing I was brave enough to even go up to them and say hello, LOL)


An amazing place! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


Love the pics, wow! wonder how I could reproduce their learning center, mmm.


We live 20 minutes from the Wild Center and are memebers! Love it and they are very friendly to homeschoolers. I was pretty excited to see it on someone's blog!


Hey, that looks like my house... In my dreams!LOL! Man, wouldn't it be awesome?


We were in the Adirondacks the week schools were back in too! Wish we ran into you at some of these places. The other favorite day trip from the park was of course, Almonzo Wilder's home.


Incredible, what a treat!! Great photos too, so much food for thought indeed :)


Wow, what beautiful pictures! Even in the rain it's awesome. What a great resource!


I'm drooling...no wonder you took tons of pics - now to duplicate that space in a 12 x 16 space...think that's possible???


Wow! I home school too, and I sure wish my learning space looked like that!

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