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October 27, 2008


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Maybe you could put it under both? Or start a new one? I know, I'm know help. I love snow storms, though. Especially when I don't have to be out in them and I can just stay in my warm cozy house. We just got a couple of inches of snow ourselves last week. It's gone now. :(


Oh no!!! I guess I have missed weather reports lately so I went to the National Weather Service, and over here in Madison County, NY, we have the same forecast, we also have a soccer tournament tomorrow, and now that I have filled in the coach-daddy-athletic director, he is NOT a "happy camper"!

Oh well, I just decided that I will stay in all day tomorrow and Wednesday with the littles, and that is the place I like to be the best!


Fall or winter---tell me about it!I find it hilarious that it is technically still fall when we have had snow on the ground for weeks now. I guess it's all relative, right?


We're in line for this snowstorm also. DD has hardly been able to concentrate all day for the excitement of it! It's ok for us, though, no one has to go anywhere!


How about a new catagory called 'frozen'?

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