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November 21, 2008


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Last year, my FIL gave me his blender when he found out I didn't have one - it was a Vitamix! It's awesome. I make Sue Gregg's Blender Batter waffles with raw rice and it grinds it right up. My biggest complaint is that I can only make double - not triple batches of things! LOL.

We do "Feingold light" - no BHA, BHT, TBHQ, food colors, MSG, or artificial sweeteners. Cheap n easy lunch fair - boil a chicken, pick it, make chicken salad. Or egg salad, for that matter. I can't afford the lunchmeat my crew eats, anyway.

My son on the special diet really, really likes leftovers, too. He's just like his dad.

My kids don't drink juice, so I haven't had any apple juice issues. Have you tried lemonade? Again, cheap n easy - make a simple syrup and keep in the fridge, and you can mix up a glass easily. Lemon juice concentrate comes in big bottles!

And I totally buy egg nog - just for me! I'm going to try making marshmallows this month since I can't buy any that are "safe", though.

How long have you been on the diet? We're going on 2.5 years. You DO get used to it!

Angela (Ang4him)

Ha! Numnber 7 is great. My number 1 this week was how I can have so many great ideas all week long and then can think of nothing on Thursday night when I go to do my post. I actually made it into one of the longer items in my list somehow! And it got me kickstarted to be able to come up with 6 more.

I liked the "almost entire" food theme too! :) I thought we went through a lot of milk.


I love the idea of shopping less often, but I live for fresh fruits and veggies, and they just don't last. We go through 5 gallons of milk each week -- about a gallon per person. We have a small freezer chest and that works great for meat sales and frozen veggies, but it's in the laundry room ... and it's a pain to clear it off to get something out of it!!! I have to work on that, I guess!

I always enjoy your style of writing, no matter the topic -- great ideas, interesting thought process, and just the right amount of humor thrown in for good measure. It's especially fun following your thought process in a post like this!


I have one year old twins. I know those games!!


It could be worse.. you could have to avoid gluten in everytthing, and that's in EVERYTHING, let me tell you!! (some types of yogurt, hotdogs, candy, chocolate chips, bread, buns, cake, pizza, bagles, toothpaste, hummus, donuts). urgh! Actually, once we knew we HAD to avoid all those things it because a lot easier, because it wasn't really a 'what if', it was a must. Try fasting from the salicylates for while (say in advent or lent) and offer it up for a really good intention. That way, even if it doesn't help her headaches, it will help spiritually.

Of course it's easy to talk about and lots harder to actually do. But that's why it's called offering a sacrifice, isn't it?


This has worked for us, maybe it might for you guys??? Put the following in your crock pot just before bed(or if you are up at night to nurse):
whole grain cereal(millet 4 headaches)
double the amount of water than grains
1-2 tbsp of whey
& a little sea salt
Give it a stir & Turn on warm or low(5-6 hours)
Its done in the morning! Just add nuts, syrup, honey, berries,butter, coconut oil whatever the kids want. Its very filling & healthy too!
Thanks for the REAL LIFE BLOG, your family is blessed to have you for a wife & mother!!!!

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