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November 25, 2008


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It looks so inspiring for creative minds. And you are not the only one whose house is destroyed right after cleaning it. Just today I vacuumed and then cleaned my stairs (by hand, because my cleaner attachment wasn't working) and not a half hour later somebody trailed banana bread crumbs all the way down them. Thankfully I have a little helper that was bribed into sweeping up the crumbs for me. :)

Mrs darling

It looks lovely. Im wondering if you find that the kids use the stuff more when its displayed in jars rather then boxes. Maybe I need to try this.

Kerry Keating

It looks awesome! Jars like that are the best - they make the supplies look so good the kids can't help but use them. I have some jars, but I need some shelves that are high enough to put them on. The little hands are everywhere right now, resulting in me piling things all around on every surface. It's pretty funny that you posted your beautiful clean room on the same day that I posted my trashed dining room! Yours is inspiring me!


Yes, I do find that they use more of the art supplies because it's out like this and attractively displayed... and I find I remember that they're there as well ;-) Prior to this I had all the collage supplies in a big tub. Whenever anyone wanted to use anything in the tub, they had to take the entire tub apart, which was usually a huge mess. Now if they want buttons, they can go get just the buttons and the feathers and pasta shapes and pipe cleaners stay just where they're supposed to be.

I do find, however, that having things in transparent containers still doesn't mean the kids will put the supplies back in them if they're found on the floor. I keep walking into the room to find a bunch of feathers sitting loose on the shelf, etc.


Kerry -- oh, you can't even know what this room looked like all summer when we used it to sort seeds and canning supplies and to store potatoes and onions. Now in the wintertime, whenever anybody comes in from outside they throw all their wet and snowy clothes over that gate to dry in front of the fire. I had to take pictures to prove it could be clean for a few minutes! LOL


You've worked so hard on this, I have so much catching up to do!! Hope your holiday was delightful, many blessings to you and all your sweeties!


I'm inspired, I really need to set something like this up for my little one. Love the jars-so colorful!

You said it looks a bit cluttered for you...what if you made a little curtain on an extension rod, for those times you really wanted to cover it up like for company etc...just a thought, maybe that sounds silly, it is early!


Jennifer Mackintosh

I *love* seeing your learning space, Angela! It's a bigger room than I was picturing in my mind. You have it arranged so nicely!

We have to talk Reggio sometime soon...I'm lovin' the way it has things working here!

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