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December 05, 2008


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"Clay World" looks fun. Just the sort of ongoing project my children love to do. Must order that clay...


"Retweet! Retweet!" Love it. :)

I've basically given up on Twitter now that I've found Facebook. It gives me that same "mini-moment-blog" feel.

Kerry Keating

I love clay world! We had a similar clay thing going on, but we were using the little boxes of crayola clay. I think I'm still scraping it off of surfaces, but they were really involved with it for quite a while.

Kerry Keating

Also, thanks for recommending the Montessori book - I really need it, especially the "on a shoestring" aspect of it!


fantastic re: the clay!! :^D)

it wasn't as much as it sounds like, was it? :^)

and YES - such a great material to work with and use for expressing / constructing / exploring - whether you fire it or not!



I love the mushrooms and they clay idea! I may never get Caddie away from the table with that out. hey, my littlest sis just got me on Facebook, I thought I saw you there. True?

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