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December 21, 2008


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Mrs darling

I wish I had a boy for the tall jobs. Love the sledding pic!


Looks like a wonderful week! I love the water bottle shaker idea. So sweet that he wanted to sleep with it afterward. Talk about ownership!


I'm with you on Typepad. Trying to edit a post is crazy-making. I also go back and forth between a laptop and a desktop. One thing -- and you probably know this -- make sure you've closed out of one unpublished post before you open it on another computer. The two versions will battle each other over what to save on autosave. Also, I really don't know what the value of autosave is, except that I keep getting messages about autosaved posts that I can "recover" if I want to, only I have no idea what post they're talking about, and I'm afraid to click on it lest it edits a post I've already published without my realizing it!! I hate what they've done inside the code edit tab -- makes my eyes cross. Maybe it's a better fit for professional coding geniuses, but for users-only like me, it's just awful!!! :) Sorry for the rant, but you did ask ...


merry christmas! :^)

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