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January 31, 2009


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I'm glad that my children (two girls, 4.5yo and 2.5yo) are not the only ones who seem to be living out Lord of the Flies, preschool version, this winter. Or eating filthy snow off of boots. Or completely not able to burn off their energy before bedtime. They can't get out because it is either too cold, or too deep, or just yucky out. So they compensate by trying to pummel each other into the carpeting.


You are doing great! I have avoided any sort of lessons that involve me dragging every one around the city. I'm so blessed to have grandparents to babysit the younger set when I have to go out with the older ones.

btw, I tagged you in a little meme over at my blog :-)

have a great day!


Ahhh how I love swimming so much. Don't you just find it so relaxing. Everyone should learn how to swim. If not you might want to consider taking swimming classes.


All in all, Florida is rather nice this time of year! And I can guarantee no frozen fish in the parking lots!!! That has to be one of the strangest things I've heard of yet.

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