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January 08, 2009


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Candice Hopper-Owrey

That's a lot of books! I see on your sidebar The Nature Corner. I just checked that out and plan on doing some projects in it soon.

Amy Payson

Just wanted to let you know...your reader's like the collage of blog entries. This is my first every comment (I promised myself I would stay in the wings...otherwise end up in the computer time-warp), but I've been following yours for about a year (linked to it through Dawn's Son&Candlelight and the whole file crate fiasco - which I am also still trying to get right). I find I read some blogs for inspiration (like Dawn's)and some for information and some for a good dose of "Thank God someone else is goind through that too!" (I have 4 under 7 with one on the way). But yours I read for all of the above. I always find great information and inspiration with a healthy dose of this is how messy life gets despite wanting it all. Your ideals and lifetstyle are closely matched to mine and that, and your realism, is what continually draws me back to check on you week in and week out. Thank you for being a collage that fits many of your reader's collective needs!

mrs darling

Im with you on the collage style of blogging. Thats exactly what I do.

I love this peek into your bookshelves. Goodness you do have a lot of books! I purge things to often to accumulate much. I could about kick myself because in my purging a year ago I got rid of Understood Betsy that I had from a child. Whatever got into me? My cleaning addiction is not always a good thing!

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