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January 09, 2009


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I personally think personality and family size has something to do with the lack of parallel play in #1. My oldest never parallel played - she was super social from day one. #2, not so much, but kids 3, 4, and now 5 all seem to interact when playing and do little alone. In fact, they don't seem to KNOW how to play alone, which often drives me insane, LOL.


I'm with you on the parallel play thing, Angela. I have almost-twin 2yo's: they're three months apart. My daughter is our biological child, and we brought home my son through adoption when he was four months old and she was just six weeks old--so they've been raised as "twins" since their early infancy. They started really actively playing together at around 18 months, and now (at 27 and 30 months), they barely ever play alone. No parallel play here! (I often wish they would just go off into separate corners with separate toys--there would be a lot less bickering that way! LOL) I too have wondered whether this was a "twin" thing.

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