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January 17, 2009


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This made me laugh! When I was in grad school, I lived with a family of three boys, ages 3, 10 and 15. The 10 yo in particular loved to draw battle scenes ... then he'd put the paper on a rug, take a pen and mercilessly stab the paper over and over to make "explosions."

He turned out fine. :) (He's a lawyer now -- do you suppose there's a connection?)

(Even though I grew up with three brothers, I was one of 6 girls, and this was my first foray into the world of "boy toys." Not a barbie doll or frou-frou of any kind in sight. Very eye-opening!)


I do not understand the hold Star Wars has on young boys. It is exactly like that here as well.


Thank you for posting this! These drawings look just like Pippin's. I grew up without any brothers so I always wonder if page after page of pirates, droids, explosions, and mayhem are normal. Appears so :-) Whew!

Mary Chris

Wow those are good droids! I am constantly picking up pieces of paper with battle scenes on them. I am sure if I could design a curriculum around Star Wars, my youngest would want to spend all his time doing school.

Luke Holzmann

This is a perfect example of gender differences [smile]. Absolutely fantastic.

Even if there are no pictures of an amaryllis.



those are great drawings. :^) i have a *lot* of star wars drawings myself. ;^)

Michele Q.

Oh yes indeed! I have seven boys -- I can relate. :-)


:) ...and isn't it amazing the level of detail that a droid elicits -- but don't ask for a drawing of a Blue Jay unless you want a stick figure with scribbly feathers.

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