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February 22, 2009


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Oh so jealous! There is a bunch? flock? herd? of gorgeous wild turkeys that live nearby. I would also love chickens, but I don't think our city would go for that. And I only love the idea in theory - not in practice. :) We tried that.
That Language of God book sounds interesting. I had a Catholic biology professor and we would go round and round in class. It was fabulous.
Love this post today!


I loved the Language of God. Interesting discussion of Intelligent Design. If I remember right he had a different take on ID that was interesting. I will have to re-read it. FYI - on Ancient China. The Terra Cotta warriors are in Atlanta through April. Hint, hint :-)http://www.high.org/main.taf?p=3,1,1,10,3

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