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February 08, 2009


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I love your week in review posts:) one of my favourite parts of your blog, your family has such creativity, great things always seem to be happening, I am always inspired by you.

I also appreciate your honesty of real life, actually I'm hoping to post in a couple of days my latest 'solution' to dealing with the rampaging littles while big ones work. I admit honestly latest because things always change:)

You have inspired me to begin my own week in review posts on my private blog, I may share yet:)


I just love your life. It's so familiar to me. You are doing a wonderful job girl. Thanks for all the lovely pictures and the great descriptions. I, too, find that TV can cause a host of problems in behaviour, but I also fall into the trap of using it as a babysitter, and it's this self-perpetuating problem.

anyways, keep on going day by day and soon it shall be summer again!!


"I find it immensely difficult to be "on" all day like this..."

This is my biggest problem. ON, from 5 or 6AM (on a good day), until after spending time with dh after the kids go to bed, so like 10:30? Ugh.

That's why I'm here instead of being OFF the computer like I said I would. Whoops. ;-)

mrs darling

I love pics in post. I dont do it very often cause its so time consuming but I love it when others do.

I know what you mean about media time. It gets overwhelming. The odd thing is that now Peter is at the charter school they require computer,or media of some sort every day of the week! its absurd!


Ah, sounds like my house!

We just finished some Africa, and my most mischievous boy LOVED that Anansi tales!

My littlest is very spatial and just loves to put in and rearrange (as does the 4 yo). I wish I had real Montessori materials!

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